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TILOS Linear Project Management

Asta Powerproject

TILOS (Time Location System) is a time-location planning software for managing linear construction projects, basically infrastructure projects. It is based in time-location diagrams, also known as linear scheduling method, time chainage, march chart, line balance or french diagram, according to the country where the user is located.

TILOS is the most recognized software all over the world to schedule these type of projects

It can be used in different construction industries, like HighwayRailwayPipeline

and Tunnel construction, but also in Water Engineering or Transmission Line Building.

  • Easy to use, yet powerful.

  • Utilized on many international projects.

  • Bi-lingual customer help desk.

  • Simply a brilliant tool for planning and managing linear projects

  • Compatible with Primavera, Asta, MS Excel & MS Project

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